GuangDong HaYiDai toys CO., Ltd.



Enterprise spirit: honesty, unity, pragmatic, efficient, innovation. 

Business direction: from production-oriented to marketing oriented, we have to get rid of the passive situation to compete in the bottom level of the market, the company will closely around the market, seeking development in stability, to marketing as the leading, fully integrate internal and external resources, in function, image management, fully integrated with building effective external communication mechanism. 

Mode of operation: the group channel, in the establishment of the distribution agent mechanism and monopoly chain unified image, through in-depth market promotion and marketing, set up shops in the shortest time and the most reasonable place, and in the development of continuous optimization of channel construction, establish the stable terminal channel long. The company through continuous product research and development and production, spreading and building strong brands. 

The idea of cooperation: we attach importance to extensive and equal cooperation and the establishment of strategic partnership, and actively explore the benefit on the basis of a variety of external cooperation. 

Hayidai pursuit: exactly, we pursue a life of fashion, is a kind of sustenance and free leisure lifestyle to the consumers of the spiritual.