GuangDong HaYiDai toys CO., Ltd.



Brand Vision: China's first brand of high-tech toys.

Brand mission: in China, Kazakhstan generation to lead the trend of the first brand identity and development of environmentally friendly high-tech toys.

Brand positioning: high-quality, environmentally friendly toy brands.

Brand personality: practical, stylish, environmentally friendly.

Operating principle: customers first, to the credibility of development.

Business purposes: to provide consumers with high quality, environmentally friendly fashion high-tech toys.

Core competencies: brand, quality win, to do to ensure the quality of products, the formation of "Ha generation trustworthy" consensus.

Values: integrity management, the pursuit of win-win. We operate in Kazakhstan generation process brand and development, persist in using honest and law-abiding to create a good business environment; tax law, did not forget to return the development of society; in value assign employees to the interests of dealers commitment to quality and dedication to the consumer, in good faith return to the community, sincere communication, share success, common development and achieve win-win.

Culture View: Our view is: not just children plush toys patent, which itself is a leisure and cultural phenomenon, leisure products, we firmly believe that should be the first casual casual soul, so the brand will be reflected in the soul liberation, liberation of the spirit.